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Concrete Finisher’s Guide, 2007

USUALLY SHIPS IN 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS This publication is a basic guide outlining the standard practices and procedures for planning, building, and finishing interior or exterior concrete flatwork (sidewalks, driveways, patios, floors) and steps. It supercedes PCA’s Cement Mason’s Guide, PA122. With expanded information pertaining to material selection and construction practices, it supplies the reader with a wealth of new information. While intended primarily for concrete finishers and concrete finisher apprentices, the information contained in this guide will benefit homebuilders, contractors, architects, engineers, landscape architects, homeowners, vocational education students, specification writers, inspectors, and others. The recommendations given here are based on current recommended practice and technical information (provided in both metric and inch-pound to allow for use in government projects as well as public works). However, it must be recognized that material selection, construction practices and safety regulations for heavy commercial and industrial applications are beyond the scope of this document.


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