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Fences and Retaining Walls (SPECIAL Order)

SPECIAL ORDER usually ships in 5-7 business days No refund on special orders. Takes you through layout and design, construction techniques for wood, masonry, and chain link fences, gates and entries, including finishing and electrical details. How to build retaining and rock walls. How to get your business off to the right start, keep the books, and estimate accurately. The book even includes a chapter on contractor’s math. No matter what type of fence you plan to build, this practical manual has the information you need to do professional quality work, from selecting the right materials to laying out each post and applying the right finish. Anyone who builds fences and retaining walls can use the simplified designs and construction methods, time- and money-saving tips, and practical advice in this manual. It’s the most complete, most useful, most up-to-date reference available for every fence, railing and retaining wall job. CRAFTSMAN


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