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NFPA 101-09HB – Life Safety Code Handbook, 2009 (Special Order)

Pave the way to smooth, confident NFPA 101® compliance. The 2009 Life Safety Code® Handbook has the practical insights and solutions you need!

Life safety has evolved! Don’t let uncertainty about what new LSC requirements mean or how to apply them slow down jobs and compromise safety. Put reliable application advice at your fingertips with NFPA®’s exclusive 2009 Life Safety Code Handbook.

Avoid mistakes and redos. Get practical, authoritative support on every project with instant answers and solutions in the LSC Handbook.

Need clarification of new rules? Want to validate that your interpretations are correct? Looking for practical examples to help you implement provisions or provide explanations to clients? Just open the Handbook to find everything you need to succeed on the job and maximize occupant protection in all types of structures:


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