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NFPA 18-17: Standard on Wetting Agents, 2017 Edition

Improve extinguishing potential with the latest on wetting agents!

Extensively revised based on new data and technology, NFPA 18 provides the most advanced requirements for adding wetting agents to water to improve its effectiveness in extinguishing fire. The Standard covers uses, limitations, specifications, and test standards for wetting agents and solutions.

Reorganized and expanded for ease of use!

  • This edition features clarified definitions of wetting agents and their use on specific types of fires

  • You’ll find more detailed requirements for wetting agents and testing methods in Chapter 5

  • Reference provisions for the supply of wetting agents in Chapter 6

  • Check specific packaging requirements in Chapter 7

  • Follow the inspection, testing and maintenance requirements for systems using wetting agents in Chapter 8

Other revisions bring the document into compliance with NFPA’s Manual of Style. (Approx. 15 pp., 2017)


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