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Virginia Contractors License

Virginia Contractors Class C License

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Virginia Contractors Class A or B License

Virginia Contractors Electrical License

Virginia Contractors HVAC License

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Virginia Specialty Trades License

Virginia Contractors Continuing Education


If you are considering becoming a licensed contractor in Virginia, American Contractors Exam Services offers all of the materials and resources necessary to successfully complete the exam. In Virginia, all contractors are required to complete an 8 hour business class approved by the Board for Contractors. We offer this seminar online, as well as all of the books, CDs, practice tests, webinars and other materials essential for obtaining your contractor’s license.

Our educational resources are designed to be convenient for you. Whether you want to attend a live seminar in person or view a webinar, we make it easy for you to study and prepare for your licensed contractors exam. Those who plan to become an HVAC contractor or work in the plumbing, mechanical or electrical fields or want to become a residential or general contractor know that there is much to be learned. We offer all that you need to pass your exam the first time.

To help ease your anxiety and stress level on the day of the actual exam, we provide CDs with sample tests so that you can practice before taking the real thing. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their career goals, and provide all that you need to study, train and practice in preparation for the licensed contractor exam. Once you have obtained your license we also offer continuing education so that you can remain current and up-to-date in the industry.

Those living in Virginia and wanting to become a licensed contractor will find that the exam preparation seminars we offer make it easier, and cover those topics often asked on exams in regards to electrical, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC issues as well as general commercial and residential services. We go the distance to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared to take the exam, and pass it on the first attempt. We know that you want to acquire your license as quickly as possible, and we help you do just that.

Construction-related books, stock code and estimating guides, sample tests for electrical code and theory, online courses in HVAC, construction Spanish – these are just a few of the many resources we offer to help ensure you are well-prepared for your licensed contractor’s exam. When you are serious about becoming a licensed contractor in the state of Virginia, rely on American Contractors Exam Services to give you all that you need to succeed.