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West Virginia Contractors License

Since 1993 our company has been helping contractors get their West Virginia state contractors license. With a 99% success rate, our exam prep classes are the best in the industry.

State License Overview

  • As of March 31, 2008 the State of West Virginia will have new exams and reference materials provided by a new testing company, Prov. The following licensing information is for exams starting April 1, 2008.
  • All contractor classifications are required to pass both the Business and Law exam and a trade exam. The first step in the licensing process is to pass all required exams. Once the exams are passed, then you submit an application to the State Licensing Board.
  • There are no State mandated minimum experience requirements for Contractors license. (Electrician’s have experience requirements) There are no State mandated financial requirements, though a Wage Bond may be required, if individuals have not been actively engaged in business for the last 5 years.
  • For additional licensing requirements including experience, financial and bonding requirements, exam information and reciprocity, please select the License link below.

West Virginia Business & Law

West Virginia Residential

  • West Virginia Residential Contractor

    Residential Contractor means a person whose principal business is in connection with the construction; repair or improvement of real property used as, or intended to be used for, residential occupancy or work incidental to the construction or repair. A residential contractor is considered licensed for all crafts required in the construction, repair or improvement of a residential structure.

West Virginia Commercial

  • West Virginia General Building Contractor

    A General Building Contractor is a person who’s principal business is in connection with any structures built or being built, to be used for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons, animals, or moveable property of any kind, requiring in the construction the use of more than two contractor classifications, or a person who supervises the whole or any part of construction. The “General Building Contractor” classification applies to work on both commercial & residential properties.

  • West Virginia Multifamily Building Contractor

    The Multifamily License is for any person who is engaged in the construction, repair or improvement of a multifamily residential structure or work incidental thereto. A multifamily residential structure means a structure containing two or more residential units.

West Virginia Electrical

  • West Virginia Electrical Contractor

    The Electrical Contractor is for those engaged in the business of contracting to install, erect, repair or alter electrical equipment for the generation, transmission or utilization of electrical energy.

  • West Virginia Electrician Apprentice

    An apprentice is also known as a “helper” and they are qualified to perform electrical work but MUST be supervised at all times by a Journeyman or Master Electrician. (A licensed apprentice is not authorized to perform electrical work unsupervised at any given time).

  • West Virginia Electrician Journeyman

    A Journeyman may perform all types of electrical work EXCEPT design of electrical systems (commercial and industrial design).

    Journeymen are qualified to perform work in all sub-classified specialty areas such as HVAC, Elevator, Electric Sign and so forth. Each Journeyman may supervise up to 3 licensed Apprentice Electricians.

    Journeyman may also pull permits in many areas. (Check with your local Inspectors Office)

  • West Virginia Master Electrician

    A Master Electrician may perform all types of electrical work including layout and the design of electrical blue prints. A Master may supervise and/or instruct Journeyman and Apprentices on the job or in a vocational course. A Master can perform work in all sub-classifications and pull permits

West Virginia HVAC & Mechanical

  • West Virginia HVAC Contractor

    The HVAC Contractor license is for those individuals engaging in the business of contracting to install, erect, repair, service or alter heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment or systems to heat, cool or ventilate residential and commercial structures or work incidental to the installation or repair.

West Virginia Plumbing

  • West Virginia Plumbing Contractor

    The scope of work covered by the Plumbing Contractor includes the installation, maintenance, extension and alteration of piping, plumbing fixtures, plumbing appliances, venting systems and public or private water supply systems within or adjacent to any building or structure; including the installation of gas piping, chilled water piping in connection with refrigeration processes & comfort cooling, hot water piping in connection with building heating, piping for stand pipes and work incidental thereto.

West Virginia Low Voltage & Fire

  • West Virginia Sprinkler and Fire Protection Contractor

    Sprinklers and Fire Protection Contractor means a contractor engaged in the installation, repair or maintenance of fire suppression systems, including water sprinklers and chemical systems, and work incidental to the installation or repair.

West Virginia Specialty Trades

  • West Virginia Concrete Contractor

    A Concrete Contractor is allowed to install and repair concrete, concrete reinforcing materials, concrete products and accessories common to the industry, including the forming, pouring, and finishing of concrete structures such as footings, foundations, slabs, basements, sidewalks and walkways, driveways and parking areas, fence footings, decorative concrete walls not to exceed four feet in height and retaining walls not to exceed five feet in height and the excavation incidental to the performance of that work.

  • West Virginia Excavation Contractor

    Excavating Contractor means a contractor whose primary business is the installation, alteration, and repair of earthen material by digging, trenching, grading, or compacting the material for a cut, fill, grade, or trench and work incidental to the undertaking, including the installation, alteration, and repairing of crib walls, gabion walls, and other devices not to exceed six (6) feet in height for the purpose of controlling the movement of earthen materials.

  • West Virginia General Engineering Contractor

    General Engineering Contractor means a person whose principal business is in connection with public or private works project, including, but not limited to, one or more of the following: Irrigation, drainage and water supply projects, including, electrical generation projects, swimming pools, flood control, harbors, railroads, highways, tunnels, airports and airways, sewers and sewage disposal systems, bridges, inland waterways, pipelines for transmission of petroleum and other liquid or gaseous substances, refineries, chemical plants and other industrial plants requiring a specialized engineering knowledge and skill, piers and foundations, and structures or work incidental thereto.

    “Swimming pools” means a public swimming pool as defined by the Building Officials and Code Administrators B.O.C.A. National Building Code/1990, Article 6, Section 623.2.A.

  • West Virginia Manufactured Home Installation

    Individuals engaged in the installation of manufactured homes, including soil analysis, site preparation, construction of the foundation system, placement of the manufactured home, connection of the utilities, anchoring, ground moisture control, & finish carpentry are required to hold this license.

  • West Virginia Masonry Contractor

    Masonry Contractor means a contractor whose primary business is the installation or brick, concrete block, stone, marble, slate or other units and products common the masonry industry with or without mortar and work incidental to the installation, including the installation of grout, caulking, tuck pointing, sandblasting, mortar washing, parging, cleaning, and welding of reinforcement steel related to masonry construction.

  • West Virginia Piping Contractor

    A person whose principal business is the installation of process, power plant, air, oil, gasoline, chemical or other kinds of piping; and boilers & pressure vessels using joining methods of thread, weld, solvent weld or mechanical methods or work incidental thereto.

  • West Virginia Steel Erection Contractor

    Steel Erection Contractor means a contractor engaged in the erection of structural steel connected, attached or joined by riveting, welding, rigging, or fastening devices, for buildings and other structures, and work incidental to the erection.

  • West Virginia Utilities Contractor

    Utilities (Water and Sewer) Contractor means a person whose principal business is in the installation of water and sewer lines on private projects and work incidental to the installation. The Utilities Contractor applies to work on both commercial and residential projects.

West Virginia Training

  • EPA Certification Course

    American Contractor’s West Virginia location offers EPA Certification and Testing.

    Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act requires that all persons who maintain, service, repair or dispose of appliances that contain regulated refrigerants be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques. In addition, the EPA has placed a sales restriction on refrigerants, limiting the sale of regulated refrigerants to certified technicians only.